When to Report

When should you contact the CDPA?

Immediately, whenever you are confronted with an upset patient or employee, or a situation that may jeopardize your livelihood or right to practice dentistry, for example:

  • Become aware of a patient who is upset with dental treatment
  • Encounter untoward result or complication
  • Receive notification of a dental insurer profiling your practice
  • Receive notification that you are being sued
  • Receive a demand for financial compensation from a patient
  • Receive notification from the College of a patient complaint or investigation
  • Have an employee that has requested a leave of absence, requires accommodation for a specific situation, or one that you may wish to terminate

The CDPA has expanded the Assistance Program to provide risk management advice for employee-related issues, in eligible situations, to members in Ontario and British Columbia. In all matters you will be contacted initially by one of the Dentist Risk Managers, and in eligible situations you will receive up to two hours of legal assistance. We encourage you to contact us with your employment questions.