One of the unique features of CDPA is its focus on risk prevention and early problem resolution. In conjunction with the hallmark Assistance Program, CDPA utilizes various educational media to assist in accomplishing this goal. The intention is to educate members on how to recognize potentially problematic situations before initiating treatment, and develop strategies for managing complications and less than desirable outcomes.

CDPA provides education in three primary formats:

Risk Management Webinars – Lectures provided by carefully chosen dental specialists or legal professionals on their particular area of expertise. Topics are chosen to cover the most current risk management issues and be of valuable practical use in a dental/specialist office.

In an attempt to make this membership benefit accessible to the majority of our geographically diverse membership, speaker permitting, CDPA makes every effort to have the Power Point presentations and recorded audio  available for download from the “Members’ Only “  section of the website.

E-Bulletins and  Newsletters  Electronic communications alerting members in a timely fashion of new risk management issues. This format is also used to update members on the latest CDPA news and events.

Online Webinars – We are currently developing an online platform to broadcast educational sessions subjects of interest to our members. These will be available and archived on our website in the “Member’s Only” section.