Professional Assistance Dentist to Dentist

The Canadian Dental Protective Association (CDPA) is a not-for-profit organization, run by dentists, for dentists, mandated to help you protect your right to practice. The CDPA is “in the dentist’s corner” and is not connected in any manner with any regulatory body or malpractice insurer. Our hallmark service is our mutual benefit Assistance Program entirely funded by membership dues. The CDPA provides risk management advice, and funding for legal assistance, in eligible situations, to members faced with upset patients, regulatory matters and certain dental insurance investigations. These areas are typically not covered by malpractice insurance policies.

Why You Should Join the CDPA

  • The CDPA was founded in 1994 and has over twenty years of experience assisting dentists with professional issues routinely arising in dental practice.
  • Patient complaints are on the rise and the CDPA has a proven track record in helping dentists resolve these matters at an early stage.
  • Less than 1% of CDPA member cases involving College complaints and /or investigations have progressed to the Disciplinary level of the provincial regulatory body.
  • Depending on how far the case goes, a typical College case can incur legal costs of $3,500 to $35,000. Members can have these fees entirely paid for by the CDPA in eligible cases.
  • The CDPA Assistance Program is not insurance, there are no deductibles or claim forms to fill out.

    New Graduates and Students

    We have a beneficial scaled reduced membership fee structure for new and recent graduates
    Student membership is now free to all dental students enrolled in accredited institutions.