Assistance Program

Helping you to Protect Your Right to Practice

The Canadian Dental Protective Association (CDPA) is a non-profit corporation.   As a member, you are eligible for various forms of assistance including financial assistance in approved cases.  This may involve legal representation in matters which could challenge your right to practice.   

Decisions on whether or not to assist individual members are made by fellow healthcare professionals who understand how the profession works and apply criteria developed through experience. Our team of Dentist Risk Advisors, who are all experienced dentists, provide expert guidance and support to members in difficulty.  In addition, locally based lawyers with experience in dento-legal matters support the in-house advisors in the Provinces in which we operate.  Click here to access a PDF of the Assistance Program Guidelines  Download

Our Mission

  • Help our members protect their right to practice dentistry
  • Provide realistic and practical risk management strategies
  • Encourage the honourable and ethical practice of the dental profession

Discretionary-Based Assistance

  • Financial or risk management assistance is discretionarily available to members
  • A request must be eligible and appropriate for assistance 

**A CDPA member must remain a CDPA member to maintain continuing assistance for an uncompleted matter.  Individuals whose CDPA memberships have lapsed may not be able to access assistance or continuing assistance**