Assistance Program

The CDPA Mutual Benefits Assistance Program

What is the Program about?

The Program is designed to help members deal professionally with an incident or a College complaint. The intent is to prevent the incident from escalating  by providing pre-emptive assistance from our team of Dentist Risk Managers.  In eligible situations where legal representation is required, the CDPA provides financial assistance for this without deductibles. The CDPA has expanded the Assistance Program to provide Risk Management advice for employee-related issues, in eligible situations, to members in Ontario and British Columbia. We encourage you to contact us with your employment questions.


How does the Program work?

The member does not have to complete any "claim" forms or pay any "deductibles". The service is part of your membership benefits. All that you are asked to do is to notify us of these situations in a timely manner. You can notify us by phone, fax, or e-mail. 

If the situation requires the services of a lawyer, a request for assistance will be submitted and once approved CDPA will provide the member with a lawyer in situations where appropriate. Such requests are forwarded to the Adjudication Committee of the CDPA and all approved legal expenses will be paid by the CDPA.

It is the responsibility of the Adjudication Committee, in its sole discretion, to determine if a request for such legal assistance is appropriate and eligible. If approved, a lawyer will be assigned to act for the member. The lawyers selected by the CDPA have been determined to have the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to act for dentists in these situations and have been carefully selected by the CDPA in the best interests of its members. Once the representation for the approved request has been completed, or if more legal assistance is required, a further request to the Adjudication Committee must be submitted.

The Dentist - Advisor and the CDPA's Case Management Committee will be available to assist both the member and designated lawyer as needed to help with the member's case, especially on technical issues, on an as needed basis.

If a member retains a lawyer before contacting CDPA or before receiving approval from the Adjudication Committee, any incurred lawyer's fees may not be eligible for payment by CDPA.
In the event that the Adjudication Committee denies the request for legal assistance, the member may ask CDPA for the decision to be reviewed.

If you have any questions, please contact the CDPA at 416-491-5932 (local), toll free l-800-876-CDPA (2372) by e-mail at